URL Data PHP & Jquery Plugin v1.1

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Post URL You can save URL data by POST or AJAX

and then Play / Show / Visit

Preview URL You can see preview a URL


Alignment: Bottom Left (bl), Image link, You can show image in larger size.


Alignment: Bottom Right (br), Video link, You can play video.


Alignment: Top Right (tr), Sample link, It is not able to any action.

Some link

Alignment: Top Left (tl), Flash Widget link, You can show flash embed.

Result Please click to Play/Show if you seen a icon on the thumbnail.

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Weather Widget

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Windy Fireworks

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URL Data parse From
URL preview
		previewLink: true
Saved URL data view
Save URL data Form Submit

HTML Structure

	<from method="POST" action="Submit action URL">
		<!-- URL parser Form Container -->
		<div class="url-parser-form"></div>
		<!-- You can add another form controls here -->
		<input type="submit" value="Submit">
				name: "my_urldata_textarea"

PHP Sample

	if(isset($_POST["my_urldata_textarea"]) && !empty($_POST["my_urldata_textarea"]))
		Your insert into database code Here!...
Save URL data using Ajax

HTML Structure

	<!-- URL parser Form Container -->
	<div class="url-parser-form"></div>
	<input type="button" id="saveURLData" value="Save Url Data">
				onComplete: function(data){

					$("#saveURLData").unbind("click").bind("click", function(){
							{urldata: data}, 
								/* Do something */


Ajax PHP Sample

	if(isset($_POST["urldata"]) && !empty($_POST["urldata"]))
		Your insert into database code Here!...


Global option for urlData()
	$.fn.urlData.path = "path_to/plugin_directory/";
		/* You can set plugin current location on your web directory */
	parserURL: "lib/get_data.php",
		/* path URL processing file */
	safeImageURL: "lib/safe_image.php",
		/* path Image processing file */
	buttonText: "Parse",
		/* You can change Parse button caption */
	placeholder: "Enter a valid URL",
		/* You can change URL input placeholder */
	name: "urldata_meta_data",
		/* Hidden textarea name and id */
	width: "auto",
		/* You can set width */
	thumbSize: 150,
		/* You can set thumbnail dimensions */
	minThumbSize: 150,
		/* Images to escape if dimensions are smaller than minThumbSize */
	thumbCount: 5,
		/* Thumbnail selector images count. */
	executionTime: 30,
		/* PHP curl or file_get_content() execution time (seconds) */
	containerAnchorClass: null,
		/* You can add your own class into an anchor */
	previewLink: false,
		/* You can set to "true" if you want to preview URL on mouseover */
	previewURL: null,
		/* You can set to full URL if your selected element not containing href or not full URL */
	hoverTime: 500, 
		/* Preview panel loads after hoverTime. (milliseconds) */
	alignment: "bl",
		/* Preview panel alignment. Able to set "bl" - Bottom Left, "br" - Bottom Right, "tl" - Top Left, "tr" - Top Right*/
	onComplete: function( data ){ return true; }
		/* Callback function loaded when URL parse is completed and images are loaded */

Red options are able to use only for URL Preview mode.
	width: "auto",
		/* You can set width */
	target: "_blank",
		/* You can set anchor target */
	btnLongShadow: false
		/* You can add long shadow to Thumbnail action icon */


Thanks to Bootstrap for the great CSS Framework

Thanks to Font Awesome for the great icon library

Thanks to Google Fonts for the great font library